Amsterdam, De Pijp

  • winkelen amsterdam burgermeester
  • winkelen amsterdam burgermeester
    Young and old, urban and hip, students and businessmen, everybody loves coming in for wonderful hamburgers, responsible, healthy and gastronomically sound. They also have delicious fresh fruit juices and milkshakes.

    Burgermeester is a hamburger restaurant and take-away. They offer a whole new concept of fastfood, transparent due to its open kitchen and excellent communication with the guests. All of their dishes are home-made, including the mayonnaise and ketchup, and the responsible menu takes a number of factors into account, including fishing quota, MSC and SKAL, the seasons and of course, flavour.

    Open, accessible, warm, honest, clear, craftsmanship, transparent, comfortable, hygienic and hospitable. These terms most adequately describe the restaurant. You can take a seat in one of the red booths, that match beautifully with the oakwood floor and black-and-white pictures of Blonde d’Aquitaine cows on the wall. The restaurant is home to a relaxed and cordial atmosphere, ideal for enjoying a delicious hamburger.

    June 2008 will see the opening of a second restaurant on Amsterdam’s Elandgracht.