C'est Bon Specialite's
Amsterdam, Oost - Watergraafsmeer

  • winkelen amsterdam cest bon specialite
  • winkelen amsterdam cest bon specialite
    Cest Bon Specialities is one of these mouthwatering shops. You will find delicious nuts, tea, honey, dried fruits, wine, coffee, ginger and jam. Itís also a great gift shop.

    Cest Bon has been specialized in delicacies for the last 45 years, and sells only quality products. The shop attracts people with taste looking for quality and service.

    Cest Bon is a cosy little shop. The atmosphere is warm, luxurious and atmospheric. The staff is friendly and there is a wide variety of delicacies. Especially the coffee is very popular.

    Cest Bon has been around for about 45 years, and the quality and service have been maintained over the years. The shop opens early on Saturday morning. The neighbourhood is pretty and cosy: itís a village where everyone knows each other.

    Different delicacy brands, but also their own brand. Pineapple, orange, dates, ginger, strawberries and orange peels. Cest Bon has a large assortment of homemade chocolate fruit. For handcrafted marzipan sweets and chocolate letters youíre at the right place too. Their own coffee brand Mocca Mecca gets roasted and blended into exclusive blends. Exclusive quality at a great price!