• winkelen rotterdam danny de cactus
  • winkelen rotterdam danny de cactus
    Stepping into this little store will make you feel like you´ve entered a fairytale straight out of One Thousand and One Nights. A cornucopia of exotic cactuses, succulents, and decorations including Moroccan serving trays, brightly coloured baby hammocks, Indian shawls, hand painted dishes and oriental mirrors and lamps. You will not find any brand names here: the owner travels the world for his collection, which he so lovingly created.

    Customers come from far outside of Rotterdam. They love the quirky character of the items and the beautiful stories of their past. The collection of oriental lamps deserves particular attention: the owner collected the most extraordinary specimens from Morocco, Iran, Turkey, Indonesia, Egypt, Syria and Pakistan.

    Visitors are taken from one moment of amazement into the next. The lavish colours and prints, the beautiful fabrics and the most extraordinary nick-nacks. The store literally radiates with its owner’s passion.

    Proud owner Danny Proper wholeheartedly backs his entire collection. During his time travelling the world, he collected numerous unique shopping addresses from all over the globe. He had always been ‘obsessed with cactuses’. It wasn’t before long until he put his soul into the store, and if it were up to him, he’d be working there ‘until he is a hundred years old’.

    This quirky store previously drew the attention of well-known television programmes such as ‘Eigen Huis en Tuin’ and ‘Life and Cooking’.