De Gestreepte Koe
Bussum, Centrum

  • winkelen bussum de gestreepte koe
  • winkelen bussum de gestreepte koe
  • winkelen bussum de gestreepte koe
  • winkelen bussum de gestreepte koe
    De Gestreepte Koe (the striped cow) is the place to be when it comes to wooden toys. You’ll find everything here from wooden railways, garages, and block-wagons to dolls, kitchens, stores, and accessories. You’ll find it all laid out very accessibly. De Gestreepte Koe also has a baby’s corner with gifts for newly born. You can even have an entire baby package made in a lovely basket or fun carrying case. The staff will love to help you create an original package!

    The store is very popular among parents with young kids. Besides that, many grandpas and grandmas come here, who wish to spoil their grandkids with something fun, something with which they feel an affinity themselves. The collection is very extensive and everything is tasteful. Yet there is one item that is head and shoulders above the rest: the Mentari train sets and extensions. The brand is nicely priced, and there is an extensive collection of bridges, railway crossings, railway stations, etc. The wooden play-boxes sell very well too.

    The atmosphere is cozy and casual. There’s plenty of time and attention for each customer, but if you prefer to browse on your own, of course you are welcome to. The store is very kid-friendly. Kids can play with the kitchens, doll wagons and railway sets that are on display. So there’s no stress for the parents. Another fun thing: all purchases are beautifully wrapped and fitted with a lovely bow.

    The Kapelstraat is a smallish, cozy shopping street with nothing but independent entrepreneurs. This makes for a surprisingly diverse array of stores. Everyone knows each other here, and forces are joined during festivities that occur a few times a year.

    Mentari, Pintoy, Heimess, Goki Simply for Kids, Kapla, Jumbo, Woody, Charl's toys, van Bueren, Kidkraft, Bigjigs, Nijntje, Woezel, and Pip. Babyclothes: Sanetta, Turf's World, Kiezeltje, Born to be Famous, Tumble 'n Dry, Z8 and Claesens's.