de Klare Lijn
Leiden, Leiden Centrum

  • winkelen leiden de klare lijn
  • winkelen leiden de klare lijn
    This furniture store is well known around Leiden. A large group of regular customers is full of enthusiasm about their unique collection of furniture, decorative lamps, curiosa, glass works etc. Their collection varies from Swedish art deco chairs to Gispen-tube furniture - quality is the leitmotif.

    This store shines with beautiful displays and a unique identity. Even customers that move, remain loyal to De Klare Lijn and travel back to Leiden for it. A perfect place to explore, both for the connaisseurs and the everyday customer. The multitude of different styles and art schools never ceases to amaze; anything from art deco and Biedermeier to contemporary design is offered here.

    The beautiful location of De Klare Lijn, in Leiden's old town center, complements the impressive collection. Both regular customers and everyday visitors praise the beautiful way in which pieces are displayed.

    The owner traded his job as a math teacher for this new calling. He had always been fascinated by the beauty of applied design and eventually made it his job.

    Opened on sundays in the dependance at De Hooigracht 26.

    Gispen, Palau, Sur en Plus and Muller, but especially the eye-catching brandless products make this store unique.