• winkelen amsterdam dick meijer
  • winkelen amsterdam dick meijer
    Located on Amsterdamís Keizersgracht is a store that makes you forget, if only for a short while, that youíre walking around in a 17th century building. Because walking into number 539 means youíre walking into an era that dates back a lot farther in history, an era of pre-Columbian art from Mexico and Peru and tools and utensils from Egypt and the Roman Empire. The medieval Western European items take you back to the 17th century, and eventually back to the Keizersgracht.

    The treasures left behind by the Mayans, Incaís, Romans and Egyptians transform the building into an adventurous environment that you wonít find anywhere else on the canals. Especially if the Mayan or Incan ruins you visited in South or Central America were not enough for you, this store is an absolute must. And the people who bring an archaeological find into their homes manage to continue the adventure.