Haarlem, Centrum

  • winkelen haarlem dijkers
  • winkelen haarlem dijkers
    This restaurant presents a broad menu card. There is also much attention to vegetarian meals, and with the buying in of meat and fish in the appropriate seasonal prices, then one isn’t paying too much. You will never leave the table feeling hungry. The portions are plentiful and they are always accompanied with a portion of French fries and salad dishes.

    Obviously, everyone likes different “tastes “ and here at restaurant Dijkers they have such a large choice. Everyone can enjoy their meal and have a wonderful evening out drinking and eating.

    Bart Dijkers the owner wanted to create a homely feel in his restaurant. He believes that a modern décor can also be pleasant and interior architect, Michiel Ruijgrok has proved this with the décor here. The atmosphere is warm and intimate, which can be enjoyed to the upmost.