• winkelen amsterdam dik juwelier beethovenstraat
  • winkelen amsterdam dik juwelier beethovenstraat
    For over 25 years, this jeweler has been famous in Amsterdam as the place to go for exclusive watches, jewelry of the highest caliber, and silverware. Connoisseurs know where to find this place: you’ll find exclusive brands such as Georg Jensen and Ole Mathiesen here. You can also have your own jewelry and watches valued.

    This store distinguishes itself from its peers with beautiful products such as Georg Jensen’s silver, Föpe’s gold, and colorful gems. Customers from all over know their way here. The items that are particularly popular are BRON and Bigli rings, Schoeffel pearls, Ole Mathiesen watches, and Georg Jensen silver.

    The store looks more like an art gallery than a jeweler. Outside of the store, there’s a lot to see as well. There are plenty of fun stores in the neighborhood. The street has a wide, extensive collection of stores, excellent parking, and it is roomy. 

    BRON, Bigli, Georg Jensen, Schoeffel, Ole Mathiessen, Föpe, Mondaine.