Dream Stones
Den Bosch, Centrum

  • winkelen den bosch dream stones
  • winkelen den bosch dream stones
    Dream Stones’ collection consists of gems and minerals, beautiful jewellery made from silver and precious stones, Buddha’s in all shapes and sizes, shawls and pashminas as well as great gift items. The cosy little store specialises in gems and minerals, and its collection offers a wide diversity. The distinct jewellery is manufactured by the owners themselves, and the silver jewellery originates exclusively from India and Thailand. Personal advice on the effects of the stones is a possibility as well.

    The minerals and gems are especially popular with young people, and people from the esoteric industry, like stone therapists and people who want to develop themselves spiritually or work on their health using gems. Collectors of stones or Buddha statues will not believe their luck either.

    Dream Stones is sometimes jokingly referred to by customers as a ‘woman’s candy store’. The store is cosy and welcoming, and you won’t believe the diversity in gems, minerals and jewellery. The store draws in a diverse crowd, as anyone can find something they like here.

    The building (dating back to 1649) is located on one of the oldest little streets in Den Bosch, home to those typical small stores that offer something different from the large chains. The store is sometimes referred to as ‘Den Bosch’s treasure trove’, as it houses the largest collection of gems in Den Bosch.