Emma Joe loves life
Den Haag, Centrum

  • winkelen den haag emma joe loves life
  • winkelen den haag emma joe loves life
    Looking for that one very, very special bag, a delightful scent, or a beautiful piece of jewelry? Emma Joe Loves Life has a surprising and unique collection of bags, perfumes, and jewelry – a collection you won’t find anywhere else in Holland. Shopping here is a true experience! Let yourself be surprised by constantly changing, exclusive new products and choose your own style.

    Come and taste the delicious atmosphere, and go on a treasure hunt through all the beautiful stuff you can find here. Emma Joe Loves Life is aimed at women (and men) who don’t blindly follow fashion and trends, but choose their own unique and individual style.

    All your senses are stimulated upon entering Emma Joe Loves Life. Rough-and-tough looking wall pieces and steel window boxes create a perfect setting for the unique bags and pieces. The remarkable perfumes are caught under glass covers. The atmosphere is friendly and casual.

    De Dagelijkse Groenmarkt (daily greens market) in Den Haag is a true up and coming street and has the best of both worlds! The street is in the middle of downtown, near the Grote Kerk (great church) and the old Raadhuis, and is situated right on the border between chic shopping in de Hoogstraat and mainstream stores on the other side.

    Purses/bags by Campomaggi, Caterina Lucchi, Abbacino, Octopus, Decadent, Gianni Chiarini, L'Autre Chose, Lupo, and many smaller designers. Sieraden van Exoal, Ayala Bar, Satellite, Dublos, Nereides, Servane Gaxotte en veel meer. Parfums van Escentric Molecules, Miller et Bertaux, Vero Profumo, Neotantric en Honoré des Prés. Lifestyle: LØV organic tea, Sort of Coal.