Firma Moes Staalwaren & Slijperij
Amsterdam, De Pijp

  • winkelen amsterdam firma moes
  • winkelen amsterdam firma moes
    Firma Moes is a true specialty store. You’ll find anything that cuts or sharpens here, in fine steel. Think items like specialty knives for (amateur) chefs such as extensive collections of cutlery and chef’s knives, Japanese knives and sharpeners, etc. But you’ll also find a large collection of scissors here, as well as (children’s) cutlery, manicure- and pedicure items, pocket knives, multitools, barber’s and shaving necessities and gardening tools. With over 80 years of experience, the staff truly knows what they’re talking about. You’ll find only high-quality items here. You can also have your purchases personalized, by having them engraved or etched. This can be done with chef’s knives or children’s knives – fun for special occasions. Ask the staff for the possibilities.

    There are few stores nowadays where one is treated with patience and given honest advice. At Firma Moes, people take their time, and allow you to try your purchase before making your final decision. Everyone can find this store – young and old, amateur and professional, carpenters, collectors, tourists, etc. The collection of kitchen knives and pocket knives is especially broad. Collectors are frequent visitors here.

    Nostalgic, warm, and classical. A great mixture of old-fashioned and modern products. The store is situated on a broad street with many varied stores and no traffic. Ideal shopping circumstances, in other words. The store is also right around the corner of the famous Albert Cuyp-market.

    The store has its own sharpening shop, which is especially designed for sharpening fine steel ware. You can have your knives repaired here – very handy and super fast, as in most cases you can pick up the finished work the next day.

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