Inspired by Fashion
Amsterdam, Centrum

  • winkelen amsterdam inspired by fashion
  • winkelen amsterdam inspired by fashion
    This store offers a wide and varied collection of (women´s) fashion, shoes, bags, jewellery and other accessories.

    Inspired by Fashion is a multibrand store. From a number of better and lesser known brands, they select the best items. While making this selection, they focus primarily on a competitive price to quality ratio. The different items are selected for their compatibility with one another, so mix ‘n’match.

    The store’s atmosphere is welcoming and relaxed. The dressing room area is outfitted with an cosy little den, where you can browse through magazines for some inspiration. Also, they always offer you some snacks, and there is cute patio.

    Inspired offers its customers the opportunity to make an appointment – free of charge – for a personal styling. During these appointments, which last up to a maximum of thirty minutes, they assess which colours and styles are most suited for you. Then, they make a selection from the store, which you can try on in the private dressing rooms, located on the first floor, access to which is restricted. It is also possible to take your friends out for an evening of private shopping. Free, exclusive evening openings are held for groups of eight to fifteen people.

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