Kandid Ultimate Fashion
Den Haag, Denneweg

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  • winkelen den haag kandid
    At Kandid you’ll find all sorts clothing by exclusive brands. Fashion, quality and style merge under one roof.

    Kandid is a small, stylish store with a warm feeling. There’s a pleasant atmosphere and because of the professional advice from the staff, fashion keen women keep finding their way back here. It’s this personal character that makes it possible for Kandid to build a strong bond with their customers. Nowadays, customers are still coming in who let themselves be advised by Kandid from its start.

    In Kandid’s neighborhood, Buurtschap 2005, everyone knows each other. It’s a cosy neighborhood with a large amount of stylish stores. It’s a pleasure to shop here!

    Kandid’s owner used to work as a saleswoman in a lingerie store. In 1969, she decided to start her own clothing store, Kandid became a reality, and with great success!

    Strenesse, Orwell, Air Field, Tricot Chic, Riva Monti, Gabi Lauton, Brunello Cucinelli.