Kris Wolf
Maastricht, Wyck

  • winkelen maastricht kris wolf
  • winkelen maastricht kris wolf
    Exclusive ladieswear from predominately Dutch designers. Both casual and black tie clothing, also for brides. They only work with high quality fabrics such as silk, linen, wool and even metal fabrics. Customized items are available at reasonable prices. A lot of work is done by request, mostly for parties and weddings. The customer picks the desired model, the colors and fabrics and no extra charge is made. Delivered within three weeks.

    Beautiful clothing in mid-range and high-end segments. Women looking for something different from the usual Claudia Sträter and Pauw have to look no further! Every two weeks new additions are introduced, keeping the selection fresh and dynamic. Customers from all over the country travel here for the quality, customized items, but also the honest clothing-advice. The owner elaborates: ‘if it’s not right for the customer we’re not afraid to say so. That is a quality that is highly appreciated. Of course we’ll try to match something else, whichever way it goes, customers never feel duped by us’.

    Very contemporary interiors in a monumental building (with glass-in-lead windows). A large, colorful abstract painting behind the desk accentuates the exclusive feel to the store. Situated in a trendy part of town, also referred to as the Quartier Latin of Maastricht (many nice restaurants, galleries and fashion-stores). 

    Rafelli, MOQ, ML Collections, Silk Suits by the wedding, Sylvia Heise, Public, Vanity, Evelin Brandt, Beate Heymann, Daan, Cindy Jeurissen, Marike Monique, Panara, Jutta Lutz, Marilou du Bois.