Kunsthandel Rembrandt
Eindhoven, De Bergen

  • winkelen eindhoven kunsthandel rembrandt
  • winkelen eindhoven kunsthandel rembrandt
    In this unique art gallery you’ll find an extensive collection of oil paintings, a huge collection of beautiful, old maps and you may also come here for etchings. Kunsthandel Rembrandt is without a doubt the place to be in Brabant to find the art you’re looking for. The store also has a large number of old maps of Brabant (Dutch province).

    In this art gallery, you can buy a specific frame, or have your work or map framed by experts. Rembrandt is definitely the most affordable choice for all your framing.

    The medium sized gallery has a very warm atmosphere, and gives one a nostalgic feeling upon entry. The regular customers love this about Rembrandt.

    Selling art is in Rembrandt’s owners’ blood. The store has been passed along from father to son.