• winkelen breda lago b
  • winkelen breda lago b
    A breeding ground for innovative couture and fashion accessories by Dutch designers. Modern, exclusive evening and bridal wear, for men and women. Complete these elegant creations by adding ideal accessories including bags, jewellery, scarves and hats.

    A unique concept in the greater Breda area. L’Ago B’s clientele consists of people in anticipation of a festive or special occasion, and this store offers quality and personal service to match. Every purchase truly is a treat.

    L’Ago B is characterised by a warm, hospitable allure, amplified by the rich tones of silk fabrics. A tasteful decor, instantly putting you at ease. The store is located on a beautiful little square, in the middle of the old city centre.

    After years of housing her labels with a number of buyers, owner Olga Buise started to miss the direct contact with the people that wear her clothing. Through her store, she manages to make her customer feel more like royalty, by tailor fitting her designs to the body of the customer. Furthermore, nothing makes her happier than showcasing her fellow artist’s items. With this store, Buise create her own ideal world, which reflects wonderfully on her creations.

    L'Ago B (couture), Beerendse / van den Dungen (bags), Cin (bags), Parsifal (jewellery), Toguna (jewellery), van Iersel (jewellery), Bleu House (hats), Elsa Rainbow (shoes), Dirk en Trees (scarves), CIS Winter (scarces), Isabelle (paintings).