Le Garage de Garderobe
Breda, Wilhelminastraat-Ginnekenweg

  • winkelen breda le garage de garderobe
  • winkelen breda le garage de garderobe
    In this shop you find mostly second hand label clothes for women,and a small selection for men.

    At Le Garage de Garderobe they sell second hand clothes, which is not to say that they appear dusty and old. It’s about the label, and nothing older than two years, and of the best quality. The constant ever changing collection ensures variation and each time the customer has a discovery trip. Every one leaves the shop satisfied, both the buyer and the seller, and they come back again.

    The atmosphere is agreeable and cosy. It is a real “garderobe’ where you can enjoy your search.

    They ask for and sell brands as : Girbaud, Armani, Iceberg, Mark-Pauw, Dior, Paul Smit, Jill Sander,Dolce & Gabbana, Marocain, hugo Boss, Diesel, Nudie, Replay, Nolita, and Fornarina.