• winkelen amsterdam outras coisas
  • winkelen amsterdam outras coisas
    Fun store with beautiful, original and refreshing bijoux and innovative gadgets, knick-knacks and other items. They also offer beautiful linen bed sheets and wool plaids and special lighting fixtures and lamps. Leather bags by famous and unknown designers and even beautiful closets. It is too much to list, but it’s a joy to browse around.

    Outras Coisas means ‘other stuff’ in Portuguese, and it is a very appropriate name. It’s a ‘discover store’ if ever there was one. It’s full with the most interesting items and you discover something new everywhere you look. You’ll be sure to succeed here if you’re looking for an original gift. If you see something you like, don’t hesitate to purchase it, because supplies are limited. 

    When you walk in, you feel the need to freeze time and take stock for a minute. There is simply so much to see! It looks like chaos, but everything is properly ordered and grouped, and there is too much to list. This store truly makes you happy. 

    When the owner started this store eleven years ago, he mostly sold Portuguese crockery. This is very traditional, and the owner loves change and he likes to try new things. By now the collection has evolved, and it’s become a wonderful mix of interior design, fashion and accessories.