Peter Bronzwaer
Maastricht, Wyck

  • winkelen maastricht peter bronzwaer
  • winkelen maastricht peter bronzwaer
    Frames and sunglasses that represent different styles. The styles, from classical to artistic, are of course picked by the creative and experienced designers.

    Peter Bronzwaer Opticien is a unique, innovative and very un-business like store. The best coffee is waiting for you, “but you may also try the world’s best chocolate or enjoy its purest water”. Peter is more of a host than a salesman. He has about 350 customers from all over the country and about 140 from Belgium. From Vaals, Kerkrade, Heerlen, Valkenburg and Eijsden, another 700 customers flock here! The store has existed for over 25 years.

    The owner succeeds in making his customers happy and so he shares their joy. The store is situated in Wijck, Maastrichts Latin district. Many 17th century buildings are here, and the Centre Ceramique with its 21st century architecture.

    The owner about his business: “I hate glasses! That’s why I started making them myself, and sought similar people at expos. That way you discover there are definitely nice and beautiful glasses around!” 

    Photographs of Elton John and Peter exchanging their glasses are up on the wall.

    Buffelhoorn, CLS, Kioyamato, IC! Berlin, R.A. Eyeworks, Oliver Peoples, Paul Smith, Paul Frank, Eye 3, Anne et Valentin and Peter Bronzwaer’s own designs.