• winkelen amsterdam shirdak
  • winkelen amsterdam shirdak
    This shop offers a marvelous collection of felt clothes from Kyrgyzstan, woven woolen clothes from Turkey, embroidered tapestries from Oezbekistan, and many other felt products such as slippers, bags. poofs, hats, clothes,indoor shoes and boots.

    Shirdak offers many wonderful felt made products. One finds a lovely combination between the traditional and modern textiles on offer. It is a marvelous “life style” shop, inspired out of the nomad culture in central Asia.

    Because of the natural materials the shop exudes a warm and colorful atmosphere. You find very special textiles here and they also have wooden and ceramic goods.

    Her fascination by the nomadic culture of Central Asia began unpredictably, when Marianne Tuerlings had to document a collection of textiles from Afghanistan and some republics of the former Soviet Union. One piece in this collection in particularly caught her eyes: a felted rug from Kyrgyzstan. Out of curiosity she travelled through Central Asia. She became more and more intrigued by the felt art of the people of Central Asia.

    Soon she became convinced that the beauty of the felted carpets will seduce the hearts of the Dutch people. Her intuition was right! Starting to sell from her home she soon was able to open her first shop and a wholesale.

    Since a few years Marianne Tuerlings is honorary Consul of Kyrgyzstan.

    All the products are hand made and Fairtrade.