t Singeltje Bloemwinkel
Alkmaar, Centrum

  • winkelen alkmaar t singeltje bloemwinkel
  • winkelen alkmaar t singeltje bloemwinkel
    No matter how much you spend here, every bouquet is a sight to behold. Beautiful colors, flowing lines and lots of happy people. Besides beautiful flowers and plants, you’ll find great vases here that match the beauty of the bouquets.

    The friendly staff of this easy going place makes it popular among neighbors, who love to drop in and have a chat. This store excels in service.

    The dynamic location, in downtown, offers an impressive view of the park. The nearby parking garage offers parking space for those with cars.

    ‘t Singeltje delivers her beautiful flowers and bouquets throughout the country.

    As long as she can remember, owner Monique de Vulder dreamed of having her own store. Ten years ago, her wishes became a reality, and she’s still full of enthusiasm about this.