• winkelen rotterdam think
  • winkelen rotterdam think
    For the lover of comfortable shoes with a distinctive character. Brands like Think!, Loints, Wolkv, Arche, Durea make pleasant and daring shoes which stand out due to their detail, excellent materials and fantastic fit.

    Think! proves comfortable shoes can be very attractive. The special shapes, materials and colours make every pare unique. Because part of the collection consists of anti-allergene materials, and shoes for a separate support, everyone can wear these shoes.

    Due to the exciting interior containing red-white marble floors and church like ornaments, the collection stands out perfectly. The shop, surrounded by lovely little stores and bars, lies centrally in the fanciest street of Rotterdam.

    With this unique concept, owners Muzeke and Anke filled up the gap between “functional” and attractive shoes. They always take their time when professionally advising customers.

    Think!, Loints, Wolky, Arche, Durea, Trippen.