Uni 10 Edelsmid
Enschede, Centrum

  • winkelen enschede uni 10 edelsmid
  • winkelen enschede uni 10 edelsmid
    This store is home to a beautiful collection of jewellery, made in its own workshop. Also on sale are collections by a number of other remarkable brands and other goldsmiths.

    UNI10's jewellery has a unique style, which is best described as clean and simple, with clearly defined shapes. This makes it a unique store in Enschede, with a unique collection, Moreover, it is also possible to commission jewellery to made completely after your own design and your own particular preferences. Materials used in the process include gold, platinum, high quality stainless steel and silver.

    The store has a sleek, simple and clear layout. The jewellery is displayed in high end stainless steel display cases, which allows the items to speak for themselves and it keeps distractions at a minimum. The workshop, which is visible even from the street, provides a craftsmanlike appeal.

    UNI10 also offers the opportunity to re-use old (gold, platinum, silver) jewellery and turn it into something new. Of course this can be done according to your own wishes, and we will work with you to design a unique item.

    Besides the jewellery that is manufactured in UNI10's own workshop, a number of other collections are sold as well: : Niessing, SK Collection, JFM Werken, Dau, Stefan Witjes, Cardillac, Vincent van Hees, Apero, Quinn, Ernstes. Also, a number of watch brands are available: Pierre Junod, Jacques Lemans, Rosendahl.