Unlimited Delicious
Amsterdam, Haarlemmerstraat

  • winkelen amsterdam unlimited delicious
  • winkelen amsterdam unlimited delicious
    Chocolate bon bons, lollypops, brownies, pastries and ice cream. Everything is homemade here, and there’s also a hot chocolate espresso for you to try, as well as various chocolates.

    Everything the true chocolate lover needs. The production of chocolates is done from the back of the store. Pastries and cakes are made in the basement and in the back, but everything is visible from the store. A 100 grams equals at least 7 chocolates and there is a seemingly endless variety in different flavors. This store uses chocolate by Valrhona exclusively, which is regarded as one of the very brands in the world.

    A blend of contemporary and traditional influences, marble floors, cabinets with a golden finish, walls in Japanese red.

    The unique character of this place makes it the perfect place for original gifts. They regularly send chocolates by mail as well, accompanied by personalized messages, all across the world. Check out the possibilities and fill out a form in the store or on their website.

    In 1990 the owner started out with Unlimited Delicious, and his goal has always been to establish a collection of chocolates that would give the perfect finishing touch to the ideal meal. After a lot of media attention (and mentions in various magazines) the market grew to the point where this store was opened, with great success.

    Their own brand, chocolate by Valrhona, coffees by Golden Coffee Box.