• winkelen leeuwarden van gunst
  • winkelen leeuwarden van gunst
    vanGunst is located on the bustling St. Jacobsstraat and it offers a suprisingly wide collection of women’s fashion in the middle to upper price range. It offers a number of great brands that can easily be combined in one outfit. It is that mix of brands that truly makes this store a great shopping address.

    Whether you prefer a sporty, classy or a trendy look, vanGunst has something to meet the needs of all fashion-conscious women who love class and style. That also sums up vanGunst’s target audience. This stylish women’s fashion boutique follows the latest fashion trends religulously. Women ages 25 and up are sure to find something to their liking, so be sure to stop by for a look!

    The store stands out due its unique skylight, which offers a great daylight look at the clothes you picked out! The store’s atmosphere is welcoming and its motto is “just be yourself”. The employees are very helpful without being ‘pushy’. Anything is possible while nothing is expected. Honest advice is always valued over making a sale. And so it should be!

    The street is known for its beautiful old buildings, original stores and great atmosphere. The St. Jacobsstraat practically only houses independent businesses who try their best to make it into a welcoming street and for our money, they have more than succeeded.

    Van Avendonck, The Barn, Pulls, Rene van der Wijck, Stroke, Thanhminh, Cher, Jo en Co Sport, Moscow, Alan Red&Co, Marsh, Susskind, Penn&Ink, Nick, René Smit, Tripper, Circle of Gentlemen, 10Days and bags by Studio Riccamente.