• winkelen den haag via andres
  • winkelen den haag via andres
    Via Andres is known for its stylish men's fashion from the upper market segment: suits, jackets, shirts, tailored clothes, casual, ties, shoes, accessories....everything! You can buy a completely new outfit here, both for business and casual wear. You'll primarily find the Italian top brands, like the collection of distinghuished, still partly handmade, Brioni suits, beautifullly designed Italo Ferretti ties and the accessories and leather jackets by Ferragamo. You can also order tailored and customised shirts and suits.

    Owner Andres is a very passionate professional, with a training in tailoring, and consequently, with a real eye for great men's fashion. He carefully selects his collection, sells it in a pleasant manner, with a seemingly natural emphasis on the highest possible level of service. Via Andres aims at successful men with good taste, who know exactly what they want and who like to get sound advice on their clothes.

    The atmosphere at Via Andres is very personal. Here, you'll get solid personal advice, and, if you want a tailored suit or shirt as well. And, in keeping with the Italian sense of style, you can be sure that there is a cup of delicious espresso waiting for you. The Frederikstraat and the Denneweg are fast becoming thé shopping streets in the Hague.

    Do you prefer a tailored suit or shirt, completely customised to fit your needs? Via Andres is also the right place for a tailored Brioni suit, crafted especially for you at Brioni's in Italy. Via Andres has a wide collection of Ready to wear dress shirts in sizes ranging from 38 to 45. The real connaisseurs however, will stop by for the Su misura collection, which you can adjust entirely to your taste, with every specific detail exactly the way you want it. Via Andres also offers a selection of men's shoes, ready to wear and accessories by Ferragamo. This Italian top brand is known for its wonderful leather jackets, the best of which are selected each season. On Mondays, the store is only open on appointment.

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