Viareggio Home & Garden
Amsterdam, De Pijp

  • winkelen amsterdam viareggio
  • winkelen amsterdam viareggio
    This store’s collection consists of a large selection of white wash and brocant furniture, as well as very exclusive living accessories, including lighting, mirrors, garden decorations, textiles and dinner services.

    Viareggio offers a wonderful collection of furniture and accessories, all of which they imported themselves from Italy and France. They are carefully selected and each item has its own character. The professional staff is glad to help you make you’re choice, and they are well-equipped to advise you on any interior decorating issues you might have.

    The store’s atmosphere matches its products, brocant and rural. The beautiful items from France, Spain and Italy provide a Mediterranean atmosphere.

    Riverdale, Appletree, Decostar, Colorique, Aardeko, Jolipa, Country Corner, Emma Bridgewater.