Vlaamsch Broodhuys
Amsterdam, Haarlemmerstraat

  • winkelen amsterdam vlaamsch broodhuys
  • winkelen amsterdam vlaamsch broodhuys
    Traditionally baked bread and pastries, a delicious selection of delicate specialties. For everyone who enjoys both healthy and delicious foods.

    Bread and pastries, all homemade in their own bakery. Wholesome, delicious products. Related products are all made by those who value the trade as much as the people in the store themselves. 

    Very contemporary, progressive interiors, yet all the products are all wholesome and homemade. It’s a terrific spot for breakfast, lunch or take-out sandwiches.

    Philosophy: nothing tastes better than a good, freshly baked slice of bread with good butter and cheese, accompanied by a glass of milk straight from the farm.

    This bakery is often referred to as the most prolific bakery of the 21st century, thanks in part to it’s contemporary, cosmopolitan design. ‘The products look so good it’s almost a shame to eat them’ (as quoted from Rotterdam’s leading daily newspaper). ‘A bakery with a host of treats, risky minimalist design, enthralling tourists and locals alike’ (quoted from a well-knowned dutch newspaper).

    coffee by Santas, dairy products by the Buys farm, butter by Keizershof.