Yaya Leeuwarden
Leeuwarden, Kleine Kerkstraat

  • winkelen leeuwarden yaya
  • winkelen leeuwarden yaya
    Big fan of the Yaya brand? The eponymous Yaya store in Leeuwarden offers a wide collection of this great and affordable brand! What’s so great about this brand is the fact that the collection provides easy combinations for a sporty, feminine and well-dressed look. Of course, Yaya also offers matching accessories including scarves, jewellery, bags, boots and belts. Not familiar with the brand? Be sure to stop by for a closer look!

    The items are very affordable and carefully selected. Combinations are easily made, which is why this is such a great place to buy an entirely new wardrobe! Need advice or assistance? The staff is more than happy to help you in their own pleasant and laidback manner, giving you the right tips on clothes that match your own personal style and bodyshape.

    Yaya is located in a beautiful monumental building with a breathtaking facade. The décor is tasteful, due to its calm colours and high-grade materials. The atmospere is calm and relaxed. The store draws in a wide variety of people from all age groups, and they all find something they like!

    You can check out and order from the collection online, at www.yaya-leeuwarden.nl. You can also sign up for the online newsletter. Follow Yaya on Twitter! The Kleine Kerkstraat is Holland’s best shopping street! But we already knew that…Fun, welcoming, diverse collection of stores and very hospitable and customer-friendly.