YENTL Fashion for Women
Middelburg, Centrum

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  • winkelen middelburg yentl
  • winkelen middelburg yentl
  • winkelen middelburg yentl
    Ladies aged 35 to 65 can come to Yentl for their stylish fashion. You'll find brands like Turnover, Expresso, Part Two, Inwear, Stroke, Poools, and Sticks and Stones here. The collection contains pieces for any woman - women who like leather will certainly find what they're looking for as well. You'll find jackets, bags, and belts made from quality leather by Sticks and Stones, for example.

    Dutch brands do well at Yentl. The feminine brand Poools and the colorful leather bags by Sticks and Stones are top sellers. The store also distinguishes itself in its choice of brands; for most of them, they are the only place in town that carries them.

    Service, attention for customers, and service are key here. You'll always get friendly advice here and the ladies are always there for you with a cup of coffee and honest advice. They also want you to leave the store a happy customer. The store lies on the Langeviele, an attractive street due to its various small, unique stores. The store itself looks chic due to the beautiful natural stone floor and the external windows - a tough-yet-relaxed looking store.

    Clothing: Turnover, Expresso, Stroke, Part Two, Inwear, Poools and I.CODE. Leather jackets, bags and belts by Sticks and Stones. Scarves by Moment by Moment and Pantyhoses from Kunert.