Den Haag, Frederikstraat

  • winkelen den haag andermanskeuken
  • winkelen den haag andermanskeuken
    In Andermans Kitchen, run by chef cook Bob Burger, you can come at any time of the day for a one of hi specialized hearty dishes. At the break of dawn you can shuffle along and enjoy a great breakfast. Lunch time offers a grand selection of sandwiches, rolls, salads, and warm dishes, with the famous steak tartar. You can also enjoy a high tea of fresh scones, heart snacks, soup and warm and cold dishes, or a High Wine, which includes some of the top exclusive selection.

    You can enjoy, throughout the day some wonderful dishes and products. If this is not possible, then after closing time you have the possibility of “private dining” catering, any day of the week, for your lunch or dinner.

    The décor is trendy and bright with many mirrors and sofas. In this pleasant and calm ambiance you can really enjoy your meal. In the summer you can sit outside and eat on the lovely sunny terrace.

    At Andemans Kitchen you can also enjoy the wonderful organic bread from Vanmenno. The bread is hand made kneaded and baked on the stone floor of an oven. There is a huge choice in the High Tea, with delicious tea, superb mixtures are prepared for the restaurant made by Leut in The Hague.