Antonia Pantoffels & Slippers
Amsterdam, De 9 straatjes

  • winkelen amsterdam antonia by yvette
  • winkelen amsterdam antonia by yvette
    Wide selection of slippers, rain boots and clogs, ranging from decent to very playful.

    One of the few truly specialised slipper stores around. Original, very attractive selection.

    Homey and cosy, a store that people will walk into spontaneously.
    esides slippers, the store also sells clogs by ‘Dr. Scholl’, in all sizes.

    The owner Yvette owns two stores, both evolved from her hobby, her love of shoes. She once started at number 12, selling shoes and slippers next to the register. The slippers were such a big success, that it resulted in this separate slipper store (at number 16), where one can find the most outrageous slippers, for men, women and children. 

    The slipper store is currently owned by Geertje, Yvette’s mother. Perhaps the store will be renamed ‘Antonia by Geertje’ in the future, who knows?

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