• winkelen maastricht beone
  • winkelen maastricht beone
    At this very atmospheric shop BeOne, women can be thrust into something new from top to toe. There is a large choice of ladies fashion, all from well known makes, and their own label. BeOne is for the independent woman who has both style and class. They also have a lovely selection of boots, shoes and trendy accessories, like shawls, bags, necklaces and belts. The collection is elegant, with a tiny casual impression. BeOne fits in well in the Stok Street, a lovely shopping street with allure and exclusive items.

    BeOne is not just a shop but a fashion concept. An experience. The client is very important, and the experience is in these little details. The labels are carefully selected so that the combinations work well with each other. Thus great fun mixing and matching!

    The vast collection here is displayed in a very stylish manner. The authentic elements such as the antique reading table, lovely mirrors and own photos, ensure that the atmosphere is warm and inspiring. The window display is a real eye catcher. The window dressers display at least every two weeks a very attractive and well thought out presentation of the outfits. One can pick up some really good ideas from this. It is gratifying that one receives personal attention and qualified advice, and not to mention an enjoyable cup of Illy coffee.

    Their one label BeOne is exclusively made for the BeOne woman: the independent woman who is at the peek of her life, and has a feeling for style. The BeOne woman is enterprising, and understands quality, and values comfort and class. The BeOne collection blends well with other labels and has a wonderful fit and cut.

    The special BeOne “experience’ peeks at the Fashion Event, which is the amazing opening given at the beginning of the season, whereupon all regular customers are invited. They also have BeOne branches in Drachten, Leeuwarden, Sneek Zwolle, DenBosch, Lisse, Woerden, Alphen a/dRhijn, Baarn, Hoofdorp and Gouda. From the autumn of 2009 there will be branches in the Beethovenstraat in Amsterdam and in the Hilligersberg in Rotterdam.

    Josephine & Co, Fred de la Bretoniere, Mark, Repeat, Sarah Pacini, Anne Fontaine, Cambio, Creenstone, Rosner en Airfield, BeOne.