• winkelen rotterdam betsy palmer 9a
  • winkelen rotterdam betsy palmer 9a
    The dream of every woman who loves shoes. Her typical love for style made Betsy Palmer an icon of the fashion industry. She won’t allow anyone to tell her what the trend should be, and always follows her own instincts. It is that stubbornness that gives her collections such power and timelessness.

    The extravagant minx, the beauty-on-the-couch, the free-spirited rebel and the business bitch; they all love Betsy Palmer. They come for dainty slippers, sexy boots, the latest colour UGG’s or cool string sandals by La Ropa. They all find the perfect balance between femininity and renewal.

    A sensation of greed overcomes you upon entering. Sexy ankle boots, extravagant pumps, wonderfully comfortable loafers, and everything in between. The decoration of this streamlined, headstrong business deserves an honourable mention as well.

    In 1996, Betsy Palmer took her first steps in the fashion industry, when she opened her store on the Rokin. In no time, she conquered the hearts of Holland’s shoe aficionados with her laid-back frivolity and her seductive designs. Since then she spread her successful vision to Rotterdam and The Hague, and she became a defining force in the Dutch fashion industry.

    Among others, Audley, Fornarina, UGG, La Ropa, Sanita, Irregular Choice and of course Betsy’s own brand BPR.