• winkelen amsterdam boshaar
  • winkelen amsterdam boshaar
    Boshaar is the place for both men and women who want a new look. The owner will take on anything. All hair types are cut and styled professionally. A nice short cut, or even extensions. Both are possible, because Boshaar is specialised in extensions. Extensions are available for all hair types and are designed to stay in for 4 to 5 months.

    This cosy barber shop in the centre of Amsterdam is decorated in a warm Seventies style. The owner regularly takes the time to pamper those less fortunate in our society. For those who have to survive on a few euro’s a day, a hair salon is a luxury they can’t afford. This is why the owner has taken this wonderful initiative to contribute her share.

    The atmosphere is great and laid back. People always feel welcome at Boshaar. The shop has many loyal customers, who always seem to want to hang around a little longer. Boshaar gives you the attention you deserve.