• winkelen breda casa maria
  • winkelen breda casa maria
    A lovely colorful mix for the interior and useful articles from far off countries. For example : earthen wear and table covers from Mexico, Chinese enamels, rvs kitchen racks, and utensils from India, large snake baskets from Senegal, old fashioned toys, reli –kitsch, Spanish dance shoes.

    One may not easily imagine this collection of multi tropical articles in one place. From Mexicans table coverings, to Chinese enamels, to a Polish Mary statue, to an Indian clothes peg and other utensils: from Bollywood film posters to old-fashioned toys! Great and a good price.

    Happy, colorful, exciting, cosmopolitan, De Ginnekenweg is really friendly and more shops are coming to this area.

    Annemarie van Dijk was touched and inspired during her far away trips. with the charm and simplicity of the articles from the Third World countries. She tried as much as possible to buy in stock that was actually used in other lands, for her shop, and not things specially produced for the West.

    Kitsch Kitchen.