Chocolate Lovers
Middelburg, Centrum

  • winkelen middelburg chocolate lovers
  • winkelen middelburg chocolate lovers
  • winkelen middelburg chocolate lovers
  • winkelen middelburg chocolate lovers
  • winkelen middelburg chocolate lovers
    Chocolade, Chocolate, schokolade, Sjokolade, čokolada, çikolata... Everywhere you look, you see chocolate, in every flavor and kind you can imagine. And if they don't have it yet, they'll make it for you. We only sell handcrafted products from our home atelier, prepared with great love and care. If you want to see how the delicious Bonbons and chocolate products are made, feel free to have a look around the corner, at the atelier - you'll see our chocolatiers in action. Do you want to learn how to make your own bonbons? We host workshops as well. For both locals and tourists, we offer many delicious products that are typical to Zeeland.

    This is the place where any chocoholic can live their dream, young or old, Dutch to American, Norwegian to South African... Our Chocolate products travel all over the world. Small wonder. Our recipes are over 50 years old, and we're still not adding any artificial flavor or coloring to our products - we keep it pure and honest.

    Small, cozy, and comfortable. This is the oldest store in Middelburg that's still intact, and with the original interior from 1903 you'll feel as though you've traveled back in time a century. You'll taste, smell, and experience top notch Chocolate. Of course this store is not on one of the main shopping streets, but a small side street of the market... It's more than worth it, because if you say Middelburg, you're saying: Chocolate Lovers.

    Chocolate Lovers is so remarkable that we've named it a Foundation. This store and atelier are run by volunteers - so it's 100% handcrafted and 100% voluntary. All profits from the store are used to offer beautiful moments to families with children with chronic health problems, to delight hospice inhabitants with Chocolate, to spoil inhabitants of homes for the elderly with bonbons, to treat kids in hospitals during Easter and Sinterklaas, and to fulfill the last wishes of terminally ill youngsters. There are no subsidies, salaries, and bonuses here. But if you want to support Stichting Chocolate Lovers, buy your delicious Chocolate here. Chocolate is a beautiful product with many possibilities, but it is also fragile, like life itself. So let's just enjoy it.

    We only work with the best chocolate by Callebaut and Cacao Barry. Because we make it all ourselves, we can keep a close eye on the quality we demand.