Fotogalerie Lichtzone
Groningen, Centrum

  • winkelen groningen fotogalerie lichtzone
  • winkelen groningen fotogalerie lichtzone
    Photo gallery Lichtzone houses exhibits of photographers from all corners of the Netherlands. Also on display are pictures by photographers that are linked to Lichtzone. The gallery offers photographers an opportunity to exhibit their work, whatever their school, style or topic of choice. This ensures a surprisingly diverse collection.

    Lichtzone promotes photography in all of its forms and it is an accessible platform for professional and semi-professional photographers. The exhibit changes every month, which creates a diverse range of work.

    The gallery is accessible and friendly, one that is easy to stroll into. The monthly changing exhibit makes sure that there is always something new to look at and it keeps the gallery, the photographers and their work refreshing and surprising.

    Photo Gallery Lichtzone started in 1995 as a foundation under the financial and organisational wing of a group of photographers from the Groningen region.