• winkelen groningen fris
  • winkelen groningen fris
    Fris!, located in the welcoming Folkingestraat, is a store full of hip must-have items! Wherever you may look, you will find trendy homemade jewelry, soap on a rope, fashion accessories and gift items. The choice of beads is tremendous: all shapes and sizes are represented and what’s more, so is every color of the rainbow. Tip: try your own hand at creating something unique with these beads!

    New jewelry and other remarkable items are available each week. The friendly prices make sure that every visit is a success and they will suit whatever gift budget you may have. As both owners follow trends religiously, they can easily adapt their hip jewelry to match the latest fashion.

    Fris! is a small and cosy store that is nonetheless very light. The decor consists of rugged wood combined with pinks and whites. A large number of women (primarily students and tourists) love to stop by and browse around. Tourists seem to particularly love the Delft blue jewelry.

    Want to try jewelry-making yourself? Then be sure to ask about the jewelry workshops! The Folkingestraat is a welcoming street, home to a wide variety of unique businesses.

    Among others, David Jones and Countryfields