Enschede, Centrum

  • winkelen enschede glamourstyle
  • winkelen enschede glamourstyle
    This boutique offers a beautiful collection of women's clothing and accessories, including bags, shawls, belts, shoes and lots and lots of jewellery.

    The collection of women's clothing and accessories is imported from Italy and France by owner Annemarie ten Broeke herself. She only buys a limited number of each particular item, so exclusivity is guaranteed. This store never gets boring. Shipments come in once every two weeks and from the brands, which cannot be found anywhere else in Enschede and sometimes not even anywhere else in Twente, she selects the most eye-catching and colourful items.

    The store has an inviting look. Baroque chairs, a mantle and chandeliers have created a living room atmosphere. Furthermore, customers are pampered in the widest sense of the word. Service, a personal approach and approachability are important principles in this boutique. There is plenty to see, and, accompanied by a cup of coffee, a glass of wine or beer, you can browse around at your own pace. And of course, you can always count on professional advice.

    Di Iusso is Glamourstyle's own line of shirts. The shirts have high collars and are manufactured from the finest of Italian fabrics that are imported from Italy.

    Clothing: Di Lusso, Sos jeans, Daite, S'nob, Muchacha,beauregard, Rinascimento, Sistes, Please, Imperial, as well as a large number of other brands that are very popular in Italy, but have not yet gained as much popularity in the Netherlands. Accessories: Biba, Sara, Oozoo, Romano, Islo, Antonello Serio and many more.