• winkelen groningen heksenketel mode
  • winkelen groningen heksenketel mode
    Colorful, unique and original: that would be the best way to describe Heksenketel. It offers hip, original clothes, distinct jewelry and matching accessories, including hats, beanies, bags and scarves. You won’t believe your eyes. Every item is handcrafted and therefore unique. So if you want to distinguish yourself from the masses, be sure to stop by!

    Looking for something special? Then come right in! The store primarily draws women with their own sense of style, who don’t care for the fashion trends of the time. Like the owners, they are not fond of dime-a-dozen fashion. Thanks to the colorful collection, you will walk out with something truly unique.

    This small store is home to a very warm atmosphere. New items come in each week, ensuring new finds each week.

    A part of the Slippely collection is manufuctured from Bio-cotton. Slippely is affilliated with Made-by, whose collections are made with respect for the environment and the manufacturers. They prefer environmentally friendly materials and the cooperate –whenever possible– with suppliers who implement social codes of conduct. The Folkingestraat is one of Groningen’s most popular shopping streets, and with good reason. It is home to fun, original stores and specialized businesses like Heksenketel!

    The lion’s share of the collection is handmade and therefore brandless. The great basic shirts by the Dutch brand Slippely are a great addition to the collection.