Het Cleijne Verschil
Amsterdam, Het Oude Centrum

  • winkelen amsterdam het cleijne verschil
  • winkelen amsterdam het cleijne verschil
    Het Cleijne Verschil has a surprisingly large collection. The remarkable collection of cards draws crowds from near and far, as do the hand-made glasses and bronze birds. The silver jewelry and tin chandeliers are very popular with Jugendstil and Art Deco fans, and the trendy jewelry is a favorite of fashionistas. The old-fashioned Amsterdam etchings are adored by antique lovers. Be sure to check out the beautiful Chinaware as well, not to mention the beautiful crockery and accessories for your home.

    If you’re looking for something original, you’ve come to the right place here. The owners (mother and daughter) do their buying together and find the most fun items in France. This means the collections are unique in Amsterdam. Het Cleijne Verschil has a large regular customer base of all ages (men and women), with which they enjoy great and almost personal contact. New customers often come back, even tourists when they revisit Amsterdam.

    To get you started with ideas, the store has been decorated with an eye for style and elegance. The display is always beautiful and a real eye-catcher, partly because of the handsome storefront. The combination of new products in a classical style and antique products makes the ambiance very nostalgic and romantic. The reception is always warm and friendly and service is key here.

    Soon Het Cleijne Verschil’s web shop will open. De Nieuwe Hoogstraat has a very diverse collection of stores: anyone can find something here. Besides that the street is on the route from the Dam monument to the Rembrandtshouse, the Waterlooplein and Hermitage museum near the cozy Nieuwmarkt. Well worth a visit!

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