Inproc Koffiebranderij
Den Haag, Denneweg

  • winkelen den haag inproc koffiebranderij
  • winkelen den haag inproc koffiebranderij
    Welcome to one of the most extraordinary coffee and tea stores in the Netherlands. All the top tea brands are available at Inproc. The same goes for special tea brands from Paris, like Mariage Frere and Kusmishoff. The collection further includes an extensive line of espresso machines and special tea pots and matching tea service. The Japanese cast iron teapots are particularly popular as well.

    The store has its own coffee burner and it imports its own teas and coffees, which are sold under the house label. The owner has particular preferences which account for a number of interesting additions to the collection. The stores decoration tends to change quite a bit over time as well. The store’s window is very large and manages to captivate guests that walk buy late at night as well.

    He store, which has been in existence since 1890, has a casual atmosphere, classic but creative. The wonderful smell of coffee immediately welcomes you when you enter the store. The Denneweg also has a wide choice of interesting little stores, among which Inproc is right at home.

    The store is quintessentially the Hague. A famous Paul van Vliet song about the Hague mentions ‘the smell of the Denneweg’. What he was referring to was the smell of coffee coming from Inproc’s burner. Stop by to enjoy the wonderful aroma yourself.

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