Just B. Invited
Haarlem, Centrum

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  • winkelen haarlem just
    You’ll find not only fashion, but also a remarkably fun collection of homeware and lifestyle items in this tasteful store. The fashion collection is a mixture of beautiful Dutch and Scandinavian items which supplement each other perfectly. There’s also an extensive collection of accessories, jewelry, bags, shawls, homeware, and exclusive beauty products. So, besides all the beautiful fashion, there’s a great amount of lovely gadgets that make for wonderful presents as well!

    Just B. Invited is a dynamic multibrand store where fashion, homeware, and lifestyle meet. ANYTHING! you see in this store is for sale.

    The look of the store is remarkable, and very fashionable. The team is very friendly and the atmosphere is authentic and open. It’s clear that many people are pleasantly surprised upon entering the store.

    The store organizes personal shopping nights, where customers are given very personal fashion advice. The store is also open by request on other nights. Photography: Jordy de Droog (info@jordydedroog.nl)

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