Kaldi Koffie & Thee
Leeuwarden, Kleine Kerkstraat

  • winkelen leeuwarden kaldi koffie thee
  • winkelen leeuwarden kaldi koffie thee
    Just let your nose follow that wonderful scent of freshly ground coffee and you will automatically end up at Kaldi Koffie en Thee. Actually, this business consists of two addresses: a coffee bar and (very smart!) an adjacent store. The coffee bar offers delicious and wonderfully fresh coffees and teas, homemade delicacies and fresh tapas and Italian sandwiches. The store obviously offers the finest of coffees, teas, gift items, cups and saucers, espresso makers and a whole host of different treats, including cookies and high quality chocolates. Spoil yourself or someone else with one of these highly original gift items.

    The bar serves – if the owners are to be believed – among others , the finest coffee and cappuccino in all of Leeuwarden, expertly prepared by a real barista, and garnished with a beautiful foam heart, apple or rosetta. The store offers a wide selection of mouth-watering delicacies. Gourmands of all ages and preferences, be it classical or modern, who appreciate beauty and enjoy great coffee, tea and chocolate, should definitely stop by for a visit.

    The wonderful smell of fresh coffee welcomes you as soon as you walk through the doors of either the coffee bar or the store. Both combine their coffees, teas and accessories in a light, modern and accessible fashion. Passion, enthusiasm and quality are the norm here, and it shows. The expert staff is more than willing to help you, if you are looking for a gift basket.

    The staff takes great pride in their own brand, which is burnt in-house. The loose tea is of a remarkably high quality as well, one that cannot be found anywhere else in the neighbourhood. The Kleine Kerkstraat is Leeuwarden’s most remarkable shopping street, and it just might be the most remarkable shopping street in the Netherlands. This street is home to a large number of original specialised stores. With a few exceptions, the owners all run their own stores, which allows them to convey their passion for their products and the local area!

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