• winkelen amsterdam lien giel
  • winkelen amsterdam lien giel
  • winkelen amsterdam lien giel
  • winkelen amsterdam lien giel
  • winkelen amsterdam lien giel
    This is the place to be for colourful clothes for women, and in particular if you’re looking for skirts, dresses, jackets and coats. The collection is characterised by its use of prints, fabrics and stitching. The store also has shoes and boots, designed and manufactured by Lien & Giel, and again, very colourful. The collection is definitely not standard.

    Lien & Giel rotate their small, colourful collections on a weekly basis, ensuring that every time you walk in, you’re treated to a festively new scene. You don’t have to be a millionaire to feel rich when you walk out with your brand new purchase.

    The store’s interior design is typically “ Lien & Giel”. The background always features a pleasant tune, often prompting customers to ask the name of the CD that’s playing. The store has a comfortable atmosphere, allowing you to browse around at your own pace, but also providing assistance with a smile when needed.

    Owners Eline and Michiel met in the air. After 13 years of airline experience, they thought it was time to put their colourful experiences in the skies to good use on the ground. A tremendous work ethic, with great attention for service, combined with Lien’s creativity and Giel’s efficiency have brought them where they are now.

    There are two more branches of Lien & Giel, carrying roughly the same collection, located in The Hague and on Amsterdam’s Prinsenstraat. 

    Lien & Giel