Loekie Delicatessen de broodjeszaak van Amsterdam
Amsterdam, Utrechtsestraat

  • winkelen amsterdam loekie
  • winkelen amsterdam loekie
    Loekie Delicatessen has been an institution in Amsterdam for generations. Here you’ll find the finest products from around the globe in one place. Beautiful pâté’s and over 100 different types of European and Dutch cheese specialities. Besides cheese and meat, Loekie offers a wide collection of exclusive products, only a small selection of which is on display. Equally famous are the different wines and ports, over 100 in number and offered in a wide variety of vintages, made by the BURMESTER house, as well as the home-made salads and buffets.

    Over the past couple of years, Loekie has specialised in upscale business lunches. Why eat your lunch outside? They offer beautiful spreads of sandwiches and fruit. The sandwiches are dressed ‘open’ with a wide variety of fish, meat and cheese, garnished with fruit and so on. The more luxurious lunches feature smoked salmon, Dutch shrimp, and freshly smoked eel. To top it all off, you can choose a delicious wine from the large selection.

    If you want to host your very own culinary evening, Loekie can make a sizeable contribution. Loekie offers its regular customer the opportunity to make their lunch orders online through the website. You will receive your very own username and password, which you can use to customise your lunch order online. Warm buffets are available for groups of 25 people or more. For more information, please contact Albert and Sjoerd Koopman, or send an e-mail to sales@loekie.net.