Lombok Tropical Interiors
Arnhem, Het Stegenkwartier

  • winkelen arnhem lombok tropical interiors
  • winkelen arnhem lombok tropical interiors
    Lombok Tropical Interiors houses a great diversity of interior decorating items from a selection of countries in Southeast Asia, including Thailand, China, Vietnam, Indonesia, Hong Kong, Birma and India. The collection consists of, among others, Buddha statuettes, Hindu figurines, over 350 types of incense, perfume oil and burners, wood cuttings, books, small drums, wishing cards (BugArt), sarongs and a limited collection of closets.

    This store houses everything you might need to give your interior an Oriental accent. A large part of the collection is imported by the owner himself, but due to the time consuming delivery process, it is also necessary to buy certain items from wholesalers.

    The store has a nostalgic and welcoming Asian atmosphere. It exudes a pleasant calm, allowing you to catch your breath. A place that has become a rarity in today’s hectic lifestyle.

    The owners spent 15 years in Australia, from where they visited a large number of the Pacific islands. This spawned the idea of selling items from this part of the world, and soon their focus broadened to include Southeast Asia.

    Because the owners frequently visit a large number of Asian countries, they are well-equipped to provide you with detailed background information on both the items and their country or origin. They have performed background research on a lot of the items they sell. Whenever possible, they will provide this information on an accompanying sheet of paper with every purchase. They love to talk about their travels and experiences in Southeast Asia.