McLennan's Pure Silk
Amsterdam, De 9 straatjes

  • winkelen amsterdam mclennans pure silk
  • winkelen amsterdam mclennans pure silk
    McLennan’s Pure Silk offers a varied selection of silk materials, both for wholesale and in small quantities. For instance for weddingclothing, interior decoration, shawls, hats, pillow casings, bedspreads, upholstery, lampshades, curtains et cetera. The assortment includes heavy taft-silk, supple chiffon-silk, mat crepe-silk and high gloss satin silk. Available in uni-colors, prints, jacquards, embroidered silk and broquant.

    The owner personally imports the exclusive fabrics from China, India and Thailand, in many colors and varieties. Also come here for your custom made shawls, curtains and home accessories!

    Luxury, serenity, color and gloss. The deep colors, the softness and the feeling of abundance are all typical for the atmosphere here.

    Pure silk is wonderful material, purely natural and anti-allergy, with deep colors. Suitable not only for weddings but also eveningwear, and everyday casual use. Personal advice is provided for application of silk in interiors.

    Ten years ago the present owner took over this store and expanded it into what it is now: the store with the most comprehensive silk collection in all of the Netherlands! She travels to Asia regularly to search for the best silk fabrics.

    Only their own.