• winkelen amsterdam metropolitan
  • winkelen amsterdam metropolitan
    It all started in August of 2009. Kees Raat found the ideal spot in the Warmoesstraat in Amsterdam for starting his adventure: Metropolitan. Every day since then he has been making the most delicious and fresh Italian ice cream and delectable chocolate from Cuban beans. By now, several different restaurants in Amsterdam, including Harkema, Anna, and Fifteen, use Metropolitan’s fresh ice cream for their desserts. Drop by and lose yourself in the world of ice cream while enjoying a ristretto, espresso, or cappuccino.

    At Metropolitan, chocolate is made in a “bean to bar” process. The Cuban (among others) cocoa beans are first roasted, then ground and smashed to a pure chocolate mass that forms a basis for all chocolate products. This basis consists of 70% cocoa, but a ‘milk’ flavored variety containing 40% of it is also available.

    Metropolitan has 25 different flavors of ice cream, from sorbet to gelato. Only biological ingredients are used for the ice cream: raw milk from a farm just outside Amsterdam, Brazilian cane sugar, and fresh fruit and nuts.

    At Metropolitan you’ll feel as though you just stepped into Italy: a quick espresso at the bar or a delicious gelato enjoyed outside.

    Virtually all products are homemade, the store is open seven days a week from dawn till dusk. In the summer it is even open until midnight and 1 AM on Friday and Saturday respectively.

    Besides the homemade chocolate, Metropolitan also carries a number of remarkable fair-trade brands: Greneda Chocolate Company, Original Beans, Pacari (Ecuador), Akesson’s (Madagaskar), Valrhona, Lovechock, Amano and Gorilla.